My name is Natasha Nobuhle Nyoni known by many as uBu, derived from my second name, which really is my first according to me. I was born June 27 1992 and I choose to believe I inherited creativity from my mother who was a designer and interior decorator.

I am a singer/songwriter who writes straight from the heart. My emotions are laid out in my writing and I guess my blog stands as a testimony to my word too. I believe that written words lead to a healing heart. My voice also allows me to dabble in voice overs. I love switching voices and I honestly can not help it during a conversation either. My playing field is my podcast, R.I.T, take some time out and have a listen.

I am an entrepreneur at heart and day after day I put my ideas into play. I succeed from time to time and when I fail I try again until I win. I have had a hand in event management, retail and creative writing.

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