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The first track I did was titled, Ngizophakama; I will rise. This is dedicated to my mother because her vision for me was different from mine and because I chose to follow my dreams I disappointed her. It is a painful reality that being African comes with the belief that we must seek professions that 'make sense,' and this translates to creativity being a 'hobby.' Very few have made it in the music industry in Zimbabwe and my mother was very afraid for me because creatives are not really counted, and in this song I promise to make her proud through my gifts.

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I never thought of myself as a house artist until, Verseless, worked magic on Ngizophakama. Next thing I knew people were expecting more house music from me. I love a challenge and we decided to try it out, which birthed Ncosasa. A very good friend, Marcques, made me realise I could rap. Ncosasa; can I talk to you, is a combination of ngicela (Ndebele) + kusasa (Shona slang). A Shona guy who is trying to impress a Ndebele lady and messes it all up in the process. Something that happens daily in a Ndebele woman’s life

Suka Phans’kwami

Suka Phans’kwami means leave me alone, go away! It is a track for the ladies, in this one my message is simple, NO MEANS NO. And of course it was for the men out there that can not take no for an answer.


Ntswempe means ‘I’m good, I am lit, I am dope!’ And what a pleasure it was to work with a king on this track, Guluva Se7en is amazing!

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